ADA bathroom remodel just in time for the holidays!

During the holidays our team at Remodeling Pros was presented with an urgent project. Our customer had a sudden change in health status and needed our services immediately. In order to stay in their home together, it was necessary to remodel their bathroom to accommodate a wheel char. Though the holidays are a busy time for everyone, our Remodeling Pros’ team rearranged their schedules to accommodate this project.

The original bathroom had a tub with glass shower doors that created barriers not only to shower access, but also to anyone assisting in the bathing process. After the customer made their selections and products arrived, Remodeling Pros’ team was able, in a matter of days, to replace the existing tub with an ADA, barrier free roll-in shower base. During the selection process, our Remodeling Pros’ team guided the customer in considering their needs and options available. Not only did we consider the needs of the wheel-chair bound individual, but also the needs for those doing the care taking. You’ll notice in the pictures, we installed corner shelves in two locations making shower items more accessible. The handheld shower was centered to be accessible to the bather, as well as the caretaker. We also added ADA grab bars and a foldable bench seat for added safety and installed a larger bathroom door to provide easier maneuverability with the wheel chair. While we were at it, we replaced the out dated linoleum with tile creating a more water proof environment for easier clean up and maintenance, and we replaced the old cabinet, counter, medicine cabinet, lighting fixture, and toilet leaving the same storage and functionality and creating an updated look.

As promised, our customer’s bathroom remodel project was completed before Christmas allowing them to get settled and enjoy their holidays in comfort.